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About Hades En Kore'

We are a private members only non-profit corporation (501c3) located just outside of Baton Rouge, LA. 

"Hades"-Not to be confused with "HELL," is defined in our eyes as our alternative way of living in the regular humdrum reality that the rest of the population lives in. 

"En"- Our word for"AND."

"Kore'"-Coming from a character in cosplay or anime comic books.


Special thank you to our founder's daughter models as a cosplay and anime goddess of the underworld or alternate way of living. 

Hades En Kore' is building a network of like-minded private members for our non-profit. We love to make friends and try to provide everyone who joins us with "the finer things in life"-Food, wine, and a great groupd of like-minded people.  

For our events, we choose a group, charity, or individual to make donations to. We do meet and greets at local restaurants or other establishments. We go on field trips as a group with donations going to any of the above. 

Hades En Kore' holds awareness educational classes, seminars, and other presentations for LGBTQ and other alternative lifestyles (Polyam included). 

There is annual dues of $50.00 per person or exclusive couple, $65.00 for exclusive triads, and $75.00 for exclusive quads. This is used for upkeep of the clubhouse, inventory needed for successful events, and other costs. We are very limited on the amount of perople we allow to join our club. With that being said, we have a hard limit on single males joining.  

Hades End Kore' has an application for membership that must be completed before being considered as a private member or being invited to any of the private member only events. After completing the application, you will be sent either by text or email a welcome letter from or Hades Community Council.  

The application for membership also gives us permission to perform a background check on all potential members.  

Annually, we have polls open for members wishing to run for the Board of Directors as well as a Community Council seat. You may also nominate anyone you would like to fill any seats coming avaliable for that year. 

Our gatherings whether it be at our Presidents Sancutary or an outside venue are very inviting and like one big happy family. 

We encourage everyone to make new friends. You never know who your new friend may know!

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